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Are you a seller of home accessories for interior and exterior use? Take a look at our extensive range of home accessories. Selling is always easier when you offer a unique or outstanding collection of products. Chinoh is a source of highly original accessories in exclusive materials.

Visit our web shop to browse our collection. All items are available separately and in sets. We can guarantee a quick delivery because of our extended stock. Make sure you visit our showroom in Waregem for a complete image of our products.

Chinoh - Seasonal collections

Seasonal collections

We would like to introduce Simply D, our trend-setting home accessory brand. Simply D launches two seasonal collections each year with items that are in step with the most popular developments in interior design. You will find all of our products in our catalogue.

Chinoh - Exquisite home accesories

Exquisite home accesories 

Looking for the most exquisite home accessories? Start with Simply D. No matter what you need, you will find just the accessory for your home interior.